Indirect Object Pronouns

Ciao, tutti! / Salut, tout le monde! / ¡Hola, todos! Last time we looked at direct object pronouns... Now let's look at the indirect object pronouns. So what's the difference between the two? Remember, direct objects answer the question what? or whom? in a sentence. What did I place on the table? I placed the book on the … Continue reading Indirect Object Pronouns


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Auditorio: Londres, abril de 1886

¡Hola, buen fin de semana! Aquí está el artículo español de El Circo de la Noche con mis apuntes: Here is the Spanish article from El Circo de la Noche with my notes: El Circo de la Noche, 105-107, annotated .  adverbios // adverbs // GREEN  conjunciones // conjunctions // BLUE  palabras de transición // transition words // PURPLE  frases preposicionales // prepositional … Continue reading Auditorio: Londres, abril de 1886

Le triomphe du mari

Salut, tout le monde! Voici l'extrait français de Une Fille d'Eve: Hello, everyone! Here is the French excerpt from Une Fille d'Eve: Un Fille d'Eve, 175-177, annotated Avec espoir vous ayez pu récolter beaucoup vous-mêmes, mais ci-dessous il y a quelques notes supplémentaires. Hopefully you were able to gather a lot on your own, but below are some supplementary notes. adverbes … Continue reading Le triomphe du mari

Il profumo della primavera

Ciao, tutti! Come state? Ecco di nuovo l'estratto da Un viaggio chiamato vita con l'evidenziazione del seguente: Here is the excerpt again from Un viaggio chiamato vita with highlighting of the following: avverbi // adverbs // GREEN congiunzioni // conjunctions // BLUE parole di transizione // transition words // PURPLE frasi preposizionali // prepositional phrases // YELLOW congiuntivo // subjunctive // PINK . Un viaggio … Continue reading Il profumo della primavera

ARTicles dissected

Ciao e bentornati! Ecco gli articoli vivisezionati da martedì! Hello again! Here are the dissected articles from Tuesday!  J'espère que vous ayez pu récolter un peu (où beaucoup!) tous seuls jusqu'à maintenant. Utilisez ces notes comme outil à étudier pour faire avancer votre compréhension et pour instiller du vocabulaire et de la grammaire essentielle en votre memoire. I hope you all were … Continue reading ARTicles dissected

Navigate Cleveland

Ciao e bentornati! This week I'm bringing the focus back to Cleveland, Ohio..   In a city this large, multiculturalism is everywhere. Even though you’ll mostly hear English when exploring Cleveland, there are large communities representative of other world cultures. These groups truly enrich the city of Cleveland and aid in our language learning right here … Continue reading Navigate Cleveland