Storytellers Revealed

Ciao ciao! Buon weekend! Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to read through your excerpts a few times — now here’s mine! Even though these are short passages from larger works, you should still be able to glean some key information. Il Viaggio Chiamato Vita is a memoir, filled with short anecdotes of the author’s life; Une Fille d’Ève is an older work of fiction, but the majority of this specific excerpt is descriptive rather than full of dialogue; El Circo de la Noche is a more recent fiction, and this passage is from what would be considered the preface and speaks directly to the reader.
Take a look:
Questions? Comment below or send an email! I’d be happy to help you decipher these texts!
If you’d like to see a more detailed dissection of these excerpts, let me know! Whether you would like to see specific parts of speech identified or if you’re interested to see just how intricate these dissections can get — send me a message! 
DISCLAIMER: A small portion of the excerpt from Il Viaggio Chiamato Vita was accidentally omitted, but I have included it in my dissected notes for everyone! Apologies!

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