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Ciao e bentornati! This week I’m bringing the focus back to Cleveland, Ohio..
In a city this large, multiculturalism is everywhere. Even though you’ll mostly hear English when exploring Cleveland, there are large communities representative of other world cultures. These groups truly enrich the city of Cleveland and aid in our language learning right here in our home country. Speaking with a native in your target language is one of the best study strategies when international travel isn’t an option. 
One of the reasons we learn languages is to connect and communicate with people of other cultures. The vocabulary lists below have been carefully compiled so you can engage those individuals who speak your target language. This may mean simply practicing your conversational skills or helping someone out when their English may be lacking.
Plus, check out this Forbes article and Cleveland’s greatest bragging rights:
A few notes to help you decipher your vocab list:
For each phrase/term, I have listed the English first, followed by the target language in bold.
When a single slash [/] separates two words, these are two separate vocabulary terms. [See #12]
When a double slash [//] separates two words or phrases, I am distinguishing formal versus informal. The formal phrase or question will always come first, then the informal. [See #1-4]
A comma will separate synonyms or additional vocabulary for the same word. [See #12]
I’ve included both PDFs and images. In boca al lupo! 

CLE post italiano.pngCLE post françaisCLE post español.png

Keep in mind that names of major landmarks usually don’t get changed too much, and they are usually masculine. So most of the time you can add the definite masculine article [see my post, The Articles, for a review of definite and indefinite articles]. But knowing the generic vocabulary term for these specific sites is a great backup.

(Spanish) El Progressive Field, el Quicken Loans Arena.. But longer names, such as the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, are more likely to be translated: el Museo de la Fama del Rock and Roll. [note: and remains in English]


Questions? Comments? Email me!

Am I missing anything? Let me know!

Ciao ciao! À la prochaine! ¡Buena semana!


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