Let’s dive in…

Ciao e bentornati! Hello and welcome back!
We’re changing up our text dissections this week – the PDFs of this week’s book excerpts have been included below in each target language, but this time I am identifying the following:
    A. for Italian [Un viaggio chiamato vita, 63-65]
  1. adverbs // avverbi
  2. conjunctions // congiunzioni
  3. transition words // parole di transizione
  4. prepositional phrases // frasi preposizionali
  5. subjunctive // congiuntivo

.    B. for French [Une Fille d’Eve, 175-177]

  1. adverbs // adverbes
  2. prepositions // prépositions
  3. conjunctions // conjonctions
  4. simple past tense // passé simple

.    C. for Spanish [El circo de la noche, 105-107]

  1.  adverbs // adverbios
  2. conjunctions // conjunciones
  3. transition words // palabras de transición
  4. prepositional phrases // frases preposicionales
I will be posting each set of notes on a separate day this week, so keep an eye out for your language!
In boca al lupo! [which literally means “in the mouth of the wolf,” but is used to wish someone good luck… Does anyone know the correct response?] 
A dopo! À bientôt! ¡Hasta pronto!

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