Indirect Object Pronouns

Ciao, tutti! / Salut, tout le monde! / ¡Hola, todos! Last time we looked at direct object pronouns... Now let's look at the indirect object pronouns. So what's the difference between the two? Remember, direct objects answer the question what? or whom? in a sentence. What did I place on the table? I placed the book on the … Continue reading Indirect Object Pronouns


Direct object pronouns

This mini lesson on direct object pronouns will have you sounding much more familiar with your target language!

Fall Vibes

Buongiorno, tutti! Ça fait longtemps! ¿Cómo están ustedes? ¡Espero que estén buy bien! I've put together some fall vocabulary, including how to say, "Trick-or-treat!" Images for Italian, French, and Spanish are below – check it out! italiano: français: español: If you have been studying a single foreign language, but haven't ventured out to explore others … Continue reading Fall Vibes

Summaries (Health)

Hello all! Here are the article summaries from Tuesday – I have included the link again to each article. Additionally, I put certain phrases in each excerpt below in bold to hopefully make it easier to compare the target language text with the English after it. Take a look! . . italiano: Quest’articolo parla dei … Continue reading Summaries (Health)

Casual topics – Health

Salut! Commençons ce semaine avec quelques articles sur le thème de la santé. C’est bien d’apprendre le vocabulaire et les phrases en beaucoup de spécialités comme ça, parce qu’il fera très plus diversifiées vos compétences de conversation. Spécialement si vous travaillez comme professionnel de la santé. Hello! Let’s start this week with a few articles on the theme … Continue reading Casual topics – Health

Auditorio: Londres, abril de 1886

¡Hola, buen fin de semana! Aquí está el artículo español de El Circo de la Noche con mis apuntes: Here is the Spanish article from El Circo de la Noche with my notes: El Circo de la Noche, 105-107, annotated .  adverbios // adverbs // GREEN  conjunciones // conjunctions // BLUE  palabras de transición // transition words // PURPLE  frases preposicionales // prepositional … Continue reading Auditorio: Londres, abril de 1886