Let’s dive in…

Ciao e bentornati! Hello and welcome back! . We’re changing up our text dissections this week – the PDFs of this week’s book excerpts have been included below in each target language, but this time I am identifying the following: .     A. for Italian [Un viaggio chiamato vita, 63-65] adverbs // avverbi conjunctions … Continue reading Let’s dive in…


Happy Easter!

It's Holy Week and Easter's almost here! Below are short summaries in each target language! You'll be able to wish your friends a happy Easter and discuss the basics of this Christian holiday. Read the English first if you're a beginner, but read your target language first if you're more advanced! This will improve comprehension and … Continue reading Happy Easter!

How in the world do I conjugate a verb?

¡Chau, bienvenido de nuevo! Esta semana: un repaso de la conjugación de los verbos regulares. Welcome back, everyone! This week: a review of the conjugation of regular verbs. . Let me begin by explaining verb conjugation in English: Verbs are conjugated into 6 different forms, corresponding to each possible subject (I, you, he/she/it, we, you all, and they). … Continue reading How in the world do I conjugate a verb?

ARTicles dissected

Ciao e bentornati! Ecco gli articoli vivisezionati da martedì! Hello again! Here are the dissected articles from Tuesday!  J'espère que vous ayez pu récolter un peu (où beaucoup!) tous seuls jusqu'à maintenant. Utilisez ces notes comme outil à étudier pour faire avancer votre compréhension et pour instiller du vocabulaire et de la grammaire essentielle en votre memoire. I hope you all were … Continue reading ARTicles dissected

Navigate Cleveland

Ciao e bentornati! This week I'm bringing the focus back to Cleveland, Ohio..   In a city this large, multiculturalism is everywhere. Even though you’ll mostly hear English when exploring Cleveland, there are large communities representative of other world cultures. These groups truly enrich the city of Cleveland and aid in our language learning right here … Continue reading Navigate Cleveland

The Articles

¡Chau! ¡Espero que ustedes estén muy bien! I have compiled a review of definite and indefinite articles in each language. But first, here’s a brief summary of this part of speech as it pertains to English: . In English, the articles are: the, a(n), & some.  . The is the only definite article in English, used for specificity. … Continue reading The Articles