Fall Vibes

Buongiorno, tutti!

Ça fait longtemps!

¿Cómo están ustedes? ¡Espero que estén buy bien!

I’ve put together some fall vocabulary, including how to say, “Trick-or-treat!” Images for Italian, French, and Spanish are below – check it out!

italiano:IT Autunno POST


FR automne POST.jpg


ES otoño POST.jpg

If you have been studying a single foreign language, but haven’t ventured out to explore others yet (whether for lack of time/resources, worrying over the expected difficulty of juggling two languages, fear of confusing languages, or any other reason), I encourage you to take a peak at all three languages I have provided here. Notice the similarities in words and phrases. Sometimes, the Italian and Spanish are almost identical!

My point is: it may not be as impossible as you think. Of course, some language pairs are more difficult than others. Italian and French are in the same language family, but still have their own pronunciations, word flow, and overall cadence. Spanish and Italian, on the other hand, have many many more similarities, which makes it challenging to keep the two separate in your mind. Challenging, but not impossible.

One language will naturally become the dominant of the two – whichever two languages you decide to take on. While I was learning Italian and French, Italian remained the dominant one. Essentially, I was always more interested in Italian (and still am) than any other foreign language. Therefore, Italian is dominant, and when I study French or Spanish, I make comparisons with both English and Italian. The more connections you discover between your target languages, the more solidified into your brain they become.

Something to think about!

A presto! / A bientôt! / ¡Hasta la vista!



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