Let’s take a trip…

If you’re currently studying a foreign language, or even if you have in the past, I’m sure you’ve wondered if there is some special trick to attaining fluency. And there is! Besides committing yourself and your time, the key to fluency is… immersion. And the best way to immerse yourself? TRAVEL! Italy, France, or any of the many Spanish-speaking countries – just get yourself there. Leave the English behind, and commit to using your target language of Italian, French, or Spanish (or another language!) to navigate the country and to connect with natives.
After two years of studying Italian in college, I took a month-long study abroad trip to Rome. I have never felt more fluent than when I was suddenly thrown into daily situations where I had to rely on my communication skills. Sure, you can stick to the tourist traps and find plenty of people who speak English, but even a basic vocabulary will allow you to experience the riches of another country. Of course it’s ideal to be advanced (and/or fluent), but don’t put off your dream vacation while you wait for fluency to stumble into your hands.
If you’ve always wanted to take a vacation abroad but have been putting it off for either a lack of knowledge, funds, or courage, I highly recommend checking out Kolu (formerly Global Hiker) founded by Alex Winkler. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Alex for three years now, and he’s still the most enthusiastic and passionate person (let alone traveler) I’ve ever met. He has an amazing team of guides throughout the world who are prepared to take you on an insider’s tour of their native cities. With Kolu, you can figure out what kind of traveler you are and explore new modes of travel: focus on great food, seek the thrill of adventure, see the major sights, and much more. Visit http://koluapp.com to see what all Kolu has to offer. Alex also independently provides travel consulting, here on his personal blog: https://www.alexwinkler.net . Take a look, and check out his founding story for Kolu!
And on this theme of travel, I have included some essential vocabulary for traveling. Click on the PDF link in your target language:
Keep thinking about that dream trip! Figure out how to make it a reality and use it as motivation for learning a foreign language! Buon viaggio! Bon voyage! ¡Feliz viaje!

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