Polyglots Galore

Hi, everyone! I recently discovered a Ted Talk with Benny Lewis about language learning and multilingualism I couldn’t resist sharing. Lewis, a polyglot — one who knows/uses many languages, tells his personal story of learning foreign languages as an adult, but most importantly, he discredits five common excuses for not studying a second language! Whether or not you’re “good” at language learning, whether or not you have the means to travel to another country.. It doesn’t matter! ANYONE can learn a new language. It doesn’t require a special gene: it requires diligence and self-motivation. It’s a decision, like Lewis says. A commitment. The difference between successful and unsuccessful language learning lies in one’s passion to discover another culture. Shift your focus from memorizing endless vocabulary lists or passing a class to having the ability to communicate with real people. Don’t just study textbooks and fill out worksheets, LIVE your language!
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Photo cred: unravellingmag.com

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